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Not sure what plant this is!

2021.10.26 14:59 _charliemagne Not sure what plant this is!

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2021.10.26 14:59 curiositykills087 Finance companies

Any suggestions on finance companies? Getting dicked around by the current one. Thanks
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2021.10.26 14:59 dshmoneyy Are crickets absolutely necessary to a (veiled) chameleons diet? Are there any substitutions?

Thinking about getting a chameleon. I’m in college so it would be at my parents house until I get my own place. We used to have a bearded dragon which we fed crickets and I know my parents despised keeping crickets around. So do I honestly. Are mealworms/super worms/ other kinds of larvae good enough? Dusted of course
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2021.10.26 14:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Storm shatters rainfall records in Southern California. Who got the most? | LA Times

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2021.10.26 14:59 Healthnuttynutz The increased price of shaders is slimy

I know I’m late to the party, but I’m a bit pissed off that shaders are 300 bright dust as opposed to being 50, meaning you drain your bright dust reserves faster, incentivizing you to buy silver for cosmetics when you run out of bright dust
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2021.10.26 14:59 Pleasant_Ad_9980 Wage Disparity in Kitchens

TLDR: There are no shortages of cooks. There is a shortage of employers who are willing to pay their staff a professional/living wage.
For those of you who want to know more about behind the scenes in restaurants and cooks/chefs, read on. Its a lot but with all the news talking about the workers shortage from the employers point of view, I thought the employees are never interviewed. Ask us, we’ll tell you why we left
To talk about the wage disparity in kitchens, it's important to understand what a line cooks' responsibilities and jobs really are. There is a lot more to cooking than just cooking, there's also a tremendous amount of cleaning and preparation that needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. The job requires you to work long hours on your feet all day, without breaks for the most part. You need to have knowledge of how to work in kitchens. Deep cleaning methods, chemical knowledge, safety standards, equipment utilization. Everything in the kitchen is hot, heavy or sharp and if you don't have proper kitchen knowledge or experience, going to the hospital is an eventuality. And that is just the safety side of the job, you also need to have a deep knowledge on ingredients and cooking techniques. You also need to have knowledge on how to work on a kitchen line. How to respond to dozens of orders coming in at once and managing different dishes and cook times quickly and efficiently. Any mistakes made during service doesn’t just set the cook back, it sets the whole team back. Everything is timed out to the minute during service, sometimes even to the second in higher end locations. The margin for error is very small and can be catastrophic to a busy service. Take a steak for example. If there is a mistake made on a 12oz bone in ribeye, you don't just have to fire a new one. The restaurant eats the cost on the wasted steak, the guest is waiting an additional 20-30 mins, the other food prepared for the same table is now on a hot deadline and the orders behind that table start to pile up. In extreme cases you may even need to comp the meal and make no profit on that order and lose a paying customer. Cooking at a professional level requires either experience or education. Most fine dining jobs won't even look at your resume if you don't have at least three years experience and/or culinary school education. So after all this education, workplace knowledge and experience, working in a more culinary advanced restaurant’s pay should be reflective of that right? Wrong.
Let's look at the cost of what it even takes to apply for a line cook position. If you’re educated in Ontario, Canada then you have either a culinary arts diploma which ranges from $7,820 to $9,595 or a professional Chef diploma which ranges from $16,060 to $50,344 A local popular community college also estimates a further cost of $1,185.30 in books, uniforms, Knives, and small and large kitchen ware. If you didn’t go to culinary school, you would still need to purchase your own chef uniforms, Knives, kitchen shoes and headgear before you could apply for the job. A food handlers certificate is acquired through school, but taken independently costs $99.95 and is mandatory. All of these costs are generally paid for by the employees and education alone won’t help in achieving a job.
Experience is valued higher than education as culinary schools do a poor job preparing students for working in a professional environment. Even with a combination of school and experience, the pay is not reflective of the job requirements. Most line cooks' entry salary is minimum wage which is 14.25 or a couple of dollars more. Furthermore, your ability to move up in the industry is beyond stunted. Cooks barely get a cost of living raise every year and have almost no hope of getting a raise otherwise. In fact, labour is so cost intensive for restaurants that cutting hours and minimizing labour costs are a priority. I myself have been working in the food industry for a decade, recently in a reputable casual upscale restaurant, and I make two dollars more than minimum wage. There are no benefits, no dental, no long term savings, even getting a day off work is incredibly difficult as kitchens are constantly understaffed. Due to the low pay and no benefits, skilled cooks are harder to come by these days. We generally have a rotating door of students and part time workers who don’t last very long in this industry. There is no room for longevity in this business. With a very physically taxing job with no benefits or raises, as soon as your body starts to give out you’re not left with many options.
Now as cooks and servers are being asked back into the workplace, we have seen an enormous decline in cooks returning to their jobs. A lot of people are fed up with the variable hours, poor pay, lack of benefits and respect. Cooks are instead turning to other jobs during the quarantine, taking manual labour jobs or working in chain restaurants with better employee packages. On the other hand, there is no shortage of servers returning and there is a reason for this.
The back of house gets a share of the tips that are given in the restaurant. This is due to the fact that servers get paid $12.45 per hour which is underneath the Ontario minimum wage. So to compensate from not making a living wage from the employers, servers live off of their tips and are only required to share a small amount with the Back of House(BOH) In the decade of working in the kitchen industry around many locations in London, I've seen the percent for the back of houses share range from two to five percent and sometimes even zero though that is seen less these days. That's not each person, that's the BOH as a whole being split up at the discretion of the Chef or owner.
I’d like to see employers paying staff a living/professional wage and not have to rely on the dogmatic belief that guests need to pay our employees bills through gratuities. If an employer can’t afford to pay their staff a living wage, then they directly benefit from wage inequality and don’t deserve loyal staff. Pay your staff appropriately or admit that your restaurant can only function as long as cooks and chefs are being taken advantage of. Or we’ll put down our knives and step off the line. Like we're seeing right now, we are not replaceable and desperately needed all over the world
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2021.10.26 14:59 colbiecutie Today

What time is the drop today for nyc time
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2021.10.26 14:59 jobsinanywhere Texarkana, Texas – Brothers arrested in fatal shooting of Texas HS student after fight at school

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2021.10.26 14:59 xXxJ4XONxXx tell me about your day

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2021.10.26 14:59 Phantasist Not So Berry: Sunday Move Night

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2021.10.26 14:59 dumbbitchyitis Grow a man mod?

I’m looking for a mod where a guy/character grows out of the ground like a crop. Is anyone familiar?
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2021.10.26 14:59 Adroggs How urgent is it to fix a lower control arm at this point?

My lower control arm is bad and I have been noticing my car feels unbalanced and a little bumpy when I drive. How long should I wait to fix it?
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2021.10.26 14:59 Amandalynn202 You should do this story!!

Matthew Hoffman from Ohio. Killed a family dismembered them and shoved their body parts in a hollow tree kidnapped the daughter and took her to his house where he had a room full of leaves and a bed of leaves.
TRUE STORY November 2010 Vernon Ohio killed Tina Herman and her 11 year old son as well as a friend of hers Stephanie Sprang
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2021.10.26 14:59 sherozebc6969 One of the most fascinating ideas brought forward from ancient times is the concept of a hidden world existing underneath the surface of the Earth. Agartha (also referred to as Agharti, Agartta or Agarttha) is arguably the most popular version of this type of legend

One of the most fascinating ideas brought forward from ancient times is the concept of a hidden world existing underneath the surface of the Earth. Agartha (also referred to as Agharti, Agartta or Agarttha) is arguably the most popular version of this type of legend submitted by sherozebc6969 to BizarreConspiracy [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 14:59 PowerForce2021 A Detailed "Davy Jones" Sculpture Created Entirely in Dreams

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2021.10.26 14:59 letustakeredditdown OP has been trying for kids for a year, finds out he is infertile. 5 months later wife ends up pregnant.

I am not the OP. OP is u/Throwawaymyspermazoa
Original Post
Wife(F33) and I (M34) decided to try for kids last year. Found out I'm completely infertile without surgery. 5 months later she got pregnant.
I literally do not know what to do. This is long, TL;DR at bottom.
My wife and I have been married for 3 years, together for 6. She's always been one of the most amazing people I've ever met. No huge fights, love languages match up, and we're both fairly active people which has been why we've always had a really strong relationship for so long. That's why this is so difficult for me.
We've both been doing pretty well in our careers the last few years. She's in marketing and I work independently as an IT consultant, allowing me to set my own hours and be pretty flexible. We decided last year that we wanted to start a family, her most likely keeping her job full time and me scaling back to part time. We've both been anxious but pretty excited to have our own kids.
Long story short, I was diagnosed with azoospermia last December. Blockage in the pipes just meant I wasn't actually producing any sperm when ejaculating. It's curable with surgery thankfully, and we finally got it scheduled this July. She's got a high sex drive as do I, so we've still been very sexually active, but there should've been no way I could have gotten her pregnant.
She missed her period this week. I couldn't imagine that she might actually be pregnant, right? The babies are bottled in until they get the blockage out. She took three tests though, and sure enough they're all positive.
At first I was stunned, because this shouldn't be possible. She's never been unfaithful to me in the past and never given me a reason not to trust her. I'm not the jealous type, but I'm literally stuck. The doctors said this couldn't happen. And I can't believe my wife would jeopardize the future we've been so excited for over some fling when we seem to have such a great emotional and physical connection.
My wife's been ecstatic. She's given no indication of any guilt or worry that she may have cheated. She was so excited when she first found out that I didn't express my worries then. But she left for work and now I feel completely torn. What if she did cheat?
Looking back now there's a few tiny things that didn't seem to be an issue but now have me wracking my brain for clues. Her job often has her taking clients out for dinner and it's not uncommon for her to get back later in the evening. She definitely had a busy last few months, but that's not uncommon for her job. She always wears one of the same two perfumes, but she came back one night smelling completely different. I remember seeing a text message on her lock screen of just a winky face, a different time, but assumed it was one of her girlfriends.
Fuck man I don't know what to do. I set up an appointment on Monday to see if there's any chance it could be mine. If it is mine and I accuse her of cheating I feel like the world's biggest asshole. But she's coming home in a few hours and I don't know what I'm going to say to her, I can't stop thinking of these small things that may have been her cheating and I just didn't see it.
Do I wait until the doctor appointment Monday before talking to her, or do bring up these insecurities while she's celebrating the pregnancy? I'm worried I won't be able to hide what's going on.
TL;DR: Wife and I tried having a baby. My balls are blocked, surgery is in July. Wife got pregnant anyways. It seems ridiculous to think she cheated, but I was told I shouldn't be able to be fertile until the surgery. Wife is celebrating, I can't stop thinking about small occurrences and what if she's cheating. Seeing Doctor on Monday to see if it could be mine. Want to wait until Monday, but don't think I can hide it. What do I tell her?
Edit: I should add I've been cheated on before. Our relationship has been pretty healthy, but that old fear is creeping back in now. I'm not sure how to just wait until the appointment.
Edit I really hope yall are right that some freak sperm made it past. My wife's coming home though in an hour and I have to decide if I'm going to put on a happy face until Monday or not.
Edit She texted saying she's going be home late
This is bringing up some old emotional scars I think and is just fucking with me. I'm usually never this insecure or uncertain about being straightforward. I think I need to just find some way to bring it up without being accusatory.
UPDATE: Wife(F33) and I (M34) decided to try for kids last year. Found out I'm completely infertile without surgery. 5 months later she got pregnant.
First I just want to thank everyone who reached out and offered their story about similar. I can't believe how many people are told they're completely sterile and end up being able to have kids anyways.
I took a lot of what you guys said to heart. I had an ex of mine from years ago end up cheating on me, and it really left a scar for a while. It wasn't until I got more involved with sports and getting in better shape that I was able to try and move on. My wife and I actually met in a soccer league we were in together. We've had so much trust for so long that I thought those fears had gone away. It wasn't until now that I really started to feel shaken like that again.
But I didn't want to let my past get in the way of what could be just a huge blessing. A few people really articulated the right way to communicate my feelings in a way that wasn't accusatory and respectful of my wife, who's never really given me a reason to doubt her.
It's not uncommon for her to sometimes be home late, and she'll usually like to go straight to bed. I didn't want to dump this on her immediately and decided to give myself a night to sleep on it. I got up pretty early just being restless, went for a run, and cleared my mind. I couldn't wait any longer. I made our favorite omelets, and told her I needed to talk about something.
"You know I'm not Ashley, right?"
She knows me well. Ashley's my ex who cheated.
So first I apologized. I apologized because I let this build up in my head for so long without talking with her about it sooner. What should be blessing has been nothing but insecurity and fear for me.
We talked for a while. I told her how happy it made me to see her ecstatic and excited for the baby. I told her how much I loved the relationship that we've built together, and I felt like an asshole for questioning her loyalty. She had never given me a reason not to trust her and that I still couldn't emotionally get over the thoughts of infidelity because of my ex. She thanked me for telling her, and she knew how hard it was for me to get over that. She volunteered to have us get a paternity right when he/she's born, which made me feel a lot better at first.
But something still felt off. I honestly don't know why, something about how she was so eager to get a paternity test, and almost not mad at me at all for having kept this from her. Normally she would have been upset that I didn't bring it up right away, but there was just a weird feeling I couldn't shake for the rest of the day.
It seemed like she was saying all the right things, but I couldn't get rid of this clawing feeling inside my head. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Maybe there's a gut feeling that I need to listen to. But I ended up going to the appointment alone, as we "decided" it would good to see if I still needed the surgery.
Turns out it's obstructive azoospermia. I've read so many stories about people who were supposed to infertile end up getting pregnant. So I brought that up, and how my wife's pregnancy was affecting me. The urologist thought it would be pretty unlikely that I wouldn't need surgery to have a kid with how mine was presenting itself. He mainly tried to skirt around the topic, and mostly pushed me towards making sure she was actually pregnant.
Being there didn't really help. I feel like I just got more uncertainty.
She had another night being out to 8:30 last night. We talked about scheduling an appointment to verify the pregnancy when she got home. She seemed a little confused, but then quickly agreed. She promised to do it in the morning. I asked how work had gone, and she gave me a kind of non-commital answer about her boss pushing her too much and being stressed out.
There's nothing huge there, but she just seemed off. I really couldn't put my finger on it. We were still acting all lovely-dovey, but something just felt wrong, and I couldn't talk about it without repeating the same conversation we had Sunday.
I've been trying to throw myself into work to distract myself, but I haven't been able to focus. We have a joint checking account that we'll sometimes move money in and out of, but really only use it for groceries or household items unless we talk about it beforehand. This morning she moved half of it to hers, about $1700. We don't do that, she's never needed to before. And I checked our health care portal, and she made the appointment for the one time Thursday that I mentioned I was busy working on-site. We were supposed to go together.
I'm starting to go crazy. How do I bring this up that isn't me just having the same conversation again? I'm looking into getting a second opinion for myself. But I need a litmus test from objective outsiders to know if I'm really losing it or if this seems weird to someone else.
UPDATE: I've been trying to center myself. We talked calmly for a bit on the phone. She claimed she moved the money out in anticipation for the deductible payments she'll have with different visits. I didn't bring up anything else, but she seemed a little impatient with me, probably rightly so, and implied we'd have a longer talk when she gets home. I'm just trying to not overreact right now. I don't know what to think, this is either a misunderstanding on my side and Im a Father! Or...not. Thankfully she's not working late today.
Thank you those who are trying to keep me grounded.
UPDATE: I went for a long run to clear my mind. Gotta shower, and then my wife should be home. I'm going to go into the conversation with no judgement, just objectively walk out the facts and why I've still been struggling personally with some of them. Regardless of what happens I'm done with any confusion left between us.
Thanks to those who messaged me and gave advice
Update 2
*HAPPY UPDATE: Wife(F33) and I (M34) decided to try for kids last year. Found out I'm completely infertile without surgery. 5 months later she got pregnant.
I'm sorry to drag ya'll through the worst of my insecurities. I definitely channeled quite a bit of my negative shit into what I posted. But hey, that's what anonymous people are good for sometimes I guess.
Anyways, we finally sat down after she got home last night. I told her everything that was going on. The Urologist, the money, the upcoming appointment. I told her how, even with all her reassurances, too many suspect things kept happening.
She agreed how everything looked, and immediately apologized. She didn't realize how much my last exs cheating was still affecting me. She knew I was off going into the weekend, but thought we addressed that. We talked about it Sunday, but I can get pretty internal with all these worries and not show them outwardly. And so while she had thought we were communicating, I wasn't. We decided to start from the beginning and go through everything together.
The money was the real problem for me. She agreed how inconsiderate it was with where my head was at to do that without mentioning it. Apparently the prenatal visits are so structured that they want you to set up a payment plan with them right away, and she wanted to make sure it was squared away to keep the appointment. She offered without me prompting to call them with me tomorrow to verify that, or if I really wanted we could move the money back. She does get better rewards out of hers so it kind of made sense.
We read up on obstructive azoospermia, and it doesn't seem like they're often invincible forcefields. It seems like only the actual absence of the vas deferens (CBAVD) actually guarantees complete infertility, so it is possible for some to get through. We're going to go back to the original specialist I was working with last year and hopefully get a clearer picture. It turns out the appointment she made was the only time they had available so soon, and figured it'd be best not to wait. I told her I took off work to go with, and she was relieved I could join.
Once again, she said all the right things and seems genuine about getting us on the same page. After going through each thing I was just wishing I believed her a little more before. She's stressed out with work and when she'll have to take off, but she really seemed to want to go out of her way to alleviate my concerns. She even offered an open phone policy if I needed. We did look at the text I had seen, and it was just a girlfriend. I declined though right now, since I don't want to be that husband.
This has really made me take a deeper look at what's in my past and how that still affects me today. Even thinking back to this weekend, it was so hard to see in the moment how much all the uncertainty was affecting me. That level of anxiety literally makes you question what around you is real. I think the trust but verify is the best way to put it. I was just trying to verify without any of the trust is all. This has all put a strain on our marriage right now, but I'm feeling a bit more like we're a team again working towards easing that.
She thought that an NIPP ASAP was a great idea, as long as we also get some kind of counseling together. I'm not big on therapy, but I can probably agree that it will most likely help.
I'm feeling a little better about everything. Thanks again to everyone who reached out and shared their own story (Every other comment here I read was a story of a family member who was supposed to be barren and ended up popping out triplets), and most of all those who helped me try to communicate fairly through all of this. It's time for me to hopefully be a father.
UPDATE: The paternity test came back intially positive for anyone that's going to see this : )
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2021.10.26 14:59 SenpaisTale Made a remake of Shisui Uchiha from NxB!

Processing img mh8waha63uv71...
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2021.10.26 14:59 Proofy7744 For those of us that are looking forward to SharePlay, I guess this is all we have available so far

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2021.10.26 14:59 Belseba Mientras crece la queja de los empresarios, el Gobierno busca crear un organismo nacional para controlar el congelamiento

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2021.10.26 14:59 Latter-Opening-3864 I didn’t do anything wrong.

So, I’ve never been super close with anyone on my paternal side. Still, I grew up, loving them and being so excited to see them when my family went to visit. My parents have since divorced after 20+ years of marriage, which hasn’t been easy for any of us.
Truthfully, I think my father is happier without his kids. We barely talk and if we do, it’s for certain emergencies or legal information exchange. I’m 21 with 3 other siblings, all adult except one.
Recently, an argument broke out between my father’s new girlfriend and my sister. They exchanged some nasty words, my sister being upset that his girlfriend called my mom names, as my mother has a chronic illness that causes her to lose all of her hair.
In the wake of this, I stayed silent. I didn’t argue or anything. I picked the high road.
It didn’t matter, because the narrative is the same: we have no respect, we treat our dad and his girlfriend badly. How could I treat someone badly if I never talk to them? They don’t try to speak to me?
As a completely independent adult, I ask for nothing. Even so, my father threatened to take us off of his health insurance (which is awful in America).
In essence, my own grandmother (who saw me as a baby into adulthood) is completely estranged from my siblings and I. Following, all of my father’s side. Nobody is looking at our perspective as the “children” of this mess, just my dads. And he let them.
Realized it was really true this summer. Went to a distant cousins wedding and tried to say hello and greet my grandmother and my aunts, uncles, with no responses and cold looks.. I have tried to “apologize” for the allegations but it seems to me that nobody really cares for us to be be a part of the family anymore (even though we never really were.) I still text her happy birthday & get no response. I’ll love them all forever even if they don’t love me.
I wish that the love of his family and himself was not conditional. Never do this to your kids. Please tell me I’m not alone in this.
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2021.10.26 14:59 some_damn_boi made my own little Emotional support demon

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2021.10.26 14:59 sixfoldakira Wholesome Venti/Aether

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2021.10.26 14:59 safehaven777 Thinking of buying this bus off of an auction website. Is there anything about these details that I should be concerned about?

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2021.10.26 14:59 Eric_P11 .

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2021.10.26 14:59 knarly2 B8 Visa Issues

I'm trying to get a B8 visa (married to KZ citizen) but KZ has no embassy in my country so I'm supposed to visit the Embassy in Egypt for the visa.
Unfortunately, Egypt had refused to issue me visa to their country without any reasons despite providing sufficient documents.
Has anyone had to deal with a situation like this? I called the KZ embassy in South African and they referred me to the Egypt Embassy as my only option. 💆‍♂️ The embassy in Ethiopia also referred me to Egypt for B8 visa. However, they can provide the B10 but that's not what I want.
Shouldn't any of the Kz embassies be able to provide visa services? I'd appreciate any leads.
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