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Bison tenderloin. Worth a try if you’ve never had it.

2021.10.26 15:12 needlescentered Bison tenderloin. Worth a try if you’ve never had it.

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2021.10.26 15:12 BoonPiece Depressed GF(20) gets upset at me when her high expectations aren’t met.

Every one-two months my gf gets extremely upset at me and tells me she isn’t happy within the relationship. Last night she was crying and yelling at me about the things I don’t do for her and how I don’t care for her at all. But a lot of the things she says I had started doing for her or to me seem unreasonable to expect in a partner. I feel like a lot of it comes from her depression overlapping into the relationship or maybe her just idealizing being treated exactly how she wants in a relationship.
Some examples of unreasonable are she brings up “I’d stay up late at night for you if you were upset”
To add detail to this: it seems she expects me to stay up past my normal sleeping time, 11-12, if she is going through intense depressive emotions and needs comfort. There are times where I have done this, but there have been several times where I had exams or interviews the next day and she got upset that I chose to sleep over comforting her at like 12-2am.
She tells me “you always put me last you don’t care for me at all” and says she would stay up for me and put me first. From my POV that’s just not healthy, and I would never want my partner to put me over something important like an exam or interview.
We are also in a social group that meets up to drink or party on fridays. Every few times she gets anxious around that Bc she cant drink and doesn’t like social scenes. And she tells me how I don’t put her first and all I cared about was partying. I want to add that all of last year I would always spend the rest of the night with her, but this year have changed it to checking in on her and staying with her for 10-30 mins and then going back to my friends.
Some of the more reasonable examples: She said she wanted more small things like random flowers, gifts, or love notes. I can see how these things are nice and I want to provide them every occasion here and there, but a part of me doesn’t know if these are expectations placed on me because she thinks those things will bring her happiness and combat her depression.
Around those requests, I have begun to bring her snacks when I go to store and yesterday she was telling me I still don’t do that and that I’ve only done it once, when at this point it’s been a couple times.
I just want some advice around this all because it’s very overwhelming for her to say she wants to breakup for things that seem, to me, unhealthy in a relationship and things she thinks I don’t do, even though I do. Or how she says I don’t care for her at all, even though a large portion of the time I’m doing exactly what she asks for, and it’s those other 20% of the time where I’m not that she lashes out.
TLDR:Feels like depressed gf has unrealistic standards for me and idk what to do when she lashes out at me about them.
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2021.10.26 15:12 beefmcstuffin This is rape culture. If you need to lie and manipulate women to gain consent you didn’t actually get consent.

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2021.10.26 15:12 MellisaHoey 🌴 PALMTREE 🌴 Get a Piece of Happiness 🌞 Strong Connections in the Vacation Industry 🚀 Publish Milestones 🎊 We are entering a $1.6 Trillion Travel Industry. ✈️

🌞 Summertime is over so make sure you are ready to travel to warm countries when we launch our unique travel programs
Now after Corona, more and more people want to leave their own country and enjoy a piece of paradise. We create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone can feel comfortable. Regardless of whether you are an investor or a customer
What is palm
Palmtree is a new cryptocurrency for the holiday log. Our team has many years of experience in the travel niche. Hence, many connections were made. Our team of travel enthusiasts are working hard to introduce new systems related to traveling in cryptocurrencies. Take some time out and join us on our journey to become a major travel advisor across the crypto space. Follow us as we open the gates to paradise and show you numerous ways in which you can vacation and enjoy life!
We're entering a $ 1.6 trillion travel industry. Our team members have worked for well-known travel agencies in the past. They are dedicated to the grand vision of getting crypto on the move. We want to position ourselves in the best possible way to reach a HUGE market share in the crypto travel industry. Do not miss this one!
Stay tuned, very soon we will be ready to share details from Paradise!
🚀 START DATE still open
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2021.10.26 15:12 DivinityV2 *free* lucki x ppgcasper x black kray type beat

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2021.10.26 15:12 mexican2554 Anyone know any info on these coins? I only seem to find the 5oz one. Checked the PCGS number and it came came authentic with the same details.

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2021.10.26 15:12 Casharose Instagram account disabled. How often should I submit an appeal?

My account has been banned for nearly 3 months now for literally nothing. I tried to go through the normal steps by doing the mugshot thing and sending my government ID. However a month passes and still no reply.
How often should I resubmit it? Is every 30 days reasonable or should I wait longer?
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2021.10.26 15:12 Kunphen 'Manchin Wasn't Done' Killing Climate Action: Coal Baron Objects to Methane Fee

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2021.10.26 15:12 Zaiush e m p t y s h e l v e s

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2021.10.26 15:12 LetsGetHung 997k buy order💎🙌🏻

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2021.10.26 15:12 Pasvanti [Thanks] for the book!

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2021.10.26 15:12 branbb60 Empathy

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2021.10.26 15:12 Accomplished_Post525 Dating app...better first thing someone sees....a photo....or a video?

Okay, so Im torn between testing this myself but wanted to see if anyone here has tried it before....male in my 30s here.....what do you think works better as the first thing someone sees on your profile....a good photo....or a good video? Im testing the video this week, but wanted feedback on what people thought.
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2021.10.26 15:12 Rikosaurus2002 Quick drawing of creepy clown

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2021.10.26 15:12 ohm99 Tweet from Zee media journalist

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2021.10.26 15:12 Alegost Are some of the items removed from the drop table during the first few weeks?

I am playing on EU Opar which started about a week after the launch(so the day1 servers are a bit ahead of us).
Some of my company mates rushed lvl60 in 2-3 days and been farming lvl60+ zones since then, but they only recently started to get pieces of the crafting mastery sets(eg. Engineering, Weaponsmith, Arcana, etc...).
Same goes for the food recipes. We have been farming recipes for 2 weeks and the T5 ones only recently started to drop. We haven't seen any starmetal storage chest or the schematic on the server.
So it makes me curious, are some of them item drops locked till a given timeframe?
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2021.10.26 15:12 yogiheyhey [25 F] Looking for yoga classes and buddies!

Hey guys! new to the city and looking to find a decent yoga group to join. I'm located in the UES and would love something walkable but open for anything in midtown.
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2021.10.26 15:12 DivinityV2 *free* lucki x ppgcasper x black kray type beat

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2021.10.26 15:12 Fireballfree Jerry Garcia || Radio City Music Hall || October 25th, 1980 || C: Peter Simon

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2021.10.26 15:12 PuppyLover77 PS5 Halloween Giveaway! {US} (10/30/2021)

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2021.10.26 15:12 ckienvan How to remove dents from macbook Air

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2021.10.26 15:12 DigitalFury13 3-4

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2021.10.26 15:12 innit122 Tips on moving up from world class?

I know it probably sounds dumb, but I just can't do it. Been trying for a week for sb's and I always lose around 4-3.
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2021.10.26 15:12 Super-Site36 💲💰 T1mes Token- JUST LUNCHED FAIRLAUNCH ELON TWEETED ABOUT US 💲💰

💰T1mes is not just a BEP-20 Token,it is a phenomen of celebrating because %TSLA reached 1 trillion market cap.
T1mes is the newest official token that Elon tweeted about.
In the celebration of TSLA getting 1 trillion market cap💰
🔹 T1mes Token launched as a Fair Launch on PancakeSwap, 80% of liquidity will be locked until 2022, so your FUNDS will be SAFU.
📌 Launch Date: 25 OCT - 21PM UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022
⭐ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB (we have anti-whale feature)
► Name: T1mes Token
► Symbol: $T1MES
► Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Transaction Fee
💸 1% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
📱Social Media📱
☄️ Twitter:
📢 Channel:
📄 Contract: 0xea47de319433b04095f847fc1adbcacde90da2fc
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2021.10.26 15:12 m_yabandeh The Reformer: A Novel Based on the Life of Martin Luther [FREE until Oct 31]

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