2022.01.28 20:06 AreYouCodingSon2 hveid

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2022.01.28 20:06 WyzeCam Introducing "Fix-It Friday"! - 1/28/22

Introducing Hi, everyone!
Today we’re launching Fix-It Fridays in our communities - a new tradition where we look to the community for your top-voted bugs+issues every Friday, and then we do a post on the following Monday detailing our plans to fix them.
You can find the kick-off post on our Wyze Core Community page on Facebook, however, the community platform we post to will rotate each week.
Click the link above to participate this week!

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2022.01.28 20:06 Final_Biochemist222 Should I (20M) just give up on dating all together and focus on career and my hobbies instead?

Firstly I would like to say that I'm not posting this get any pity from anybody. I know what I am and I'm willing to go through what life has given me.
I'm 5'6.5, which is quite short for a guy and nowadays there's plenty of girls I've seen that are taller than me. I've also been told that I'm "not ugly, but not handsome either" on rateme, and some have said that my big lips make me looking kinda unappealing. To top that of, playing the 'personality' game may not be my strongest point since I have aspergers (high functioning autism). Obviously I can still function in every day life, but I tend to be rather monotone and boring, and have difficulty reading social situations, and many women may find this lack of masculine competence and decisiveness off-putting. Me learning social skills is like a low IQ person trying to learn math: they can but it's never not easy.
My question is should I give up on trying to find dates entirely and instead just try to focus on more productive stuff like career building and hobbies? It is possible for many to do these things at the same time but without concern regarding attracting the opposite sex I mean I just have more time to dedicate myself to these things.
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2022.01.28 20:06 Satan_Farted Do literally anything, have fun

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2022.01.28 20:06 ZaraUNI Help me find this webtoon

There was this really good webtoon I was reading but I can’t remember the name, it was about a zombie apocalypse and the protagonist was a girl who couldn’t see her classmate’s face or body (they were like blank) and in order to see them she had to gain their trust or something like that. So basically her and her classmate’s have to survive at the school and gather resources etc. Does it ring a bell?
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2022.01.28 20:06 Micah-B I made summer versions of two of my coat outfits

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2022.01.28 20:06 yuebeam 22f, california, looking for female friends to talk and game with on discord! ✧

hello, i'm trying to find some female friends who likes anime and pc games. my fav games right now would be genshin impact, valorant, and osu. outside of gaming, i enjoy reading, listening to indie-alt/pop music, and gardening. i'm hoping to make new friends i can talk to daily. we can send memes, music, and talk about whatever!! :>
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2022.01.28 20:06 LilPickleBoii Did somebody say... Unicorn Flakes? Finished my Fabio Sparklemane polymer clay model today!

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2022.01.28 20:06 unknownstranger2 Should we raise min holding requirements of TacoCoin to qualify to stake?

Should I raise the minimum amount of TacoCoin needed to hold to qualify for staking on AlgoStake.org?
View Poll
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2022.01.28 20:06 chaosofslayer Rules Question: Playing cards for cost without getting their effect

I've had this situation come up since starting to play Master Duel and I never thought about it before.
While using Thunder Dragon's effect, if all 3 Thunder Dragon's are out of the deck I am not able to discard a Thunder Dragon. Has this always been the case? Even if say 2 are in my hand and 1 is in the grave, the opponent wouldn't know the contents of my deck.
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2022.01.28 20:06 AceChay H: Tattered Field Jacket W: Responders Fireman / Offers

Also looking for a NU B2525 Laser Rifle, can add for both.
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2022.01.28 20:06 leapin_lizardzz Lady Emeritus II is ready

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2022.01.28 20:06 omegacluster Sylvain Darrifourcq - Rhythm, Feedback, and Geometry (noise, experimental electro) [2022]

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2022.01.28 20:06 river_man225 Never compromise with our enemies.

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2022.01.28 20:06 keirasthingy Are you a cat?

Cause I hate you & want you fucking dead.
(Don't worry, it's a joke)
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2022.01.28 20:06 ere15xkmcPL I got this email, i dont even visit "adult websites" but im still concerned that someone gained acces to my network, should i be worried?


I haѵе tο ѕhагe bɑԁ ɴeաs with yоս. Aρpᴦοхἰmatelу ɑ fеш ᴍoոthѕ аgᴏ, I gɑіneԁ аϲceѕs tο уοur ԁеνἰceѕ, ᴡhἱcհ yοս սsе foг ἱɴtеᴦոet bᴦoшѕἰng. Aftеr thɑt, I hаνe ѕtɑгtеԁ traсĸἱnɡ уouᴦ ἰɴtегոet ɑсtἰѵities.
Herе ἱs thе ѕеԛuеnᴄe ᴏf evеոts:
Sοᴍе tἰᴍe аgo, I pսᴦcһаseԁ aᴄcеѕѕ tᴏ eᴍаil acсοuᴨts from հаϲᴋerѕ (nοɯaԁɑys, іt ἱѕ quἰtе sἰmрle tо buу ἰt onlἱᴨе). I հave eаѕіlу mаnaցеԁ tᴏ lοց іn tᴏ уοur еmаἱl асϲᴏսᴨt (insert email here).
Oᴨе weек lateᴦ, I һɑѵе аlrеаdу іոstallеd the Tᴦoјaո νiᴦսѕ οɴ thе Oреᴦɑtiոɡ Syѕtеmѕ of аll tһe ԁeѵἰᴄes yоս սѕe tᴏ аcϲеss уᴏur eᴍaἱl. It ᴡas ɴot һaгd at аll (ѕiᴨᴄе yοu աеre folloᴡἱnց tһе lἱոкs frоm yоur іᴨbоx emɑils). All іոgеniᴏսs ἱs ѕἱᴍple. :)
Tհіѕ sоftшаᴦе рroѵἰԁes ᴍe ԝἰth аccеѕѕ tο аll уᴏսг dеѵiсeѕ' ϲοntrоllегѕ (e.ɡ., уoսᴦ miϲгᴏрһοᴨe, ѵideо ᴄɑᴍеᴦа, ɑɴԁ ᴋeybοагԁ). I hаνe ԁοwոlᴏadeԁ ɑll yοuг іnfoгmatἰoᴨ, ԁatɑ, рհotᴏѕ, աеb brошѕiᴨg hіѕtоrу tо my seᴦveгѕ. I hаѵe ɑϲᴄeѕѕ tᴏ аll youг mеѕsеɴցеᴦs, ѕᴏᴄіаl ɴеtԝoᴦкs, emaἱlѕ, ᴄһɑt հіѕtοгy, ɑɴd cᴏɴtaᴄts lἰѕt. My ѵἱгus сοɴtinuоսѕly rеfᴦesheѕ tһe ѕіgɴatuгеs (it ἰs drἰѵеr-bаsеd) aᴨd հeɴсe ᴦeᴍaiոs іᴨvἰsἰblе fᴏᴦ ɑոtἰviᴦսs softɯаᴦe.
Lἱᴋеᴡἱѕе, I gսеss bу ᴨοɯ yοս սɴԁегѕtɑɴԁ ԝհy I hаνе ѕtaуеԁ uᴨdeteϲteԁ uɴtἱl tհἱѕ letter.
Whіlе gatheгἰng ἰոfᴏᴦmаtἱᴏn аbοսt yοս, I һaѵе ԁіsϲᴏνeᴦed thɑt yоu arе а big faո ᴏf аdult wеbѕἱtеѕ. Yoս lᴏѵe ѵἰѕitiɴց ρᴏгո ᴡеbsἱtеѕ аɴd աatᴄhiոg exᴄἱtiᴨɡ νіԁeos ɯհἰlе eɴԁսгἱᴨց аᴨ eոοrmoսѕ amoսɴt of plеɑsսre. Well, I հаve maᴨɑցeԁ tо геᴄᴏᴦd а ոuᴍbeг ᴏf yοսᴦ diᴦtу ѕсeneѕ ɑᴨd mοᴨtɑgeԁ a fеш νἰdeοѕ, ɯhἱϲh ѕһоԝ һoԝ уᴏս ᴍаstսгbate аոd ᴦеaϲh ᴏrgɑѕms.
If yᴏu haνe doսbts, I сaᴨ mɑкe а feш clicĸѕ οf ᴍу mоuѕe, and ɑll yοսг ѵἰdеοѕ wἱll bе ѕհareԁ ɯἱtհ your fᴦіeɴdѕ, ϲollеаɡuеs, ɑոԁ rеlаtіνеs. I аlѕο һɑѵe ɴᴏ ἱssսе аt ɑll աіtһ ᴍɑкіng tհem аνаἰlable fоᴦ рսbliᴄ aссеsѕ. I ɡսesѕ уоս ԁon't шаnt tһat tᴏ һɑрреn. Cоոsіdеrіոɡ tһe ѕρеcifἱϲἱtу of tһe ѵἱԁeοs yoս lіᴋе to wɑtcհ (yᴏս рeгfеϲtly ᴋɴоɯ ɯһаt I meаո), ἱt աἱll сɑսse ɑ rеɑl сatаѕtrоpհе foᴦ yоս.
Let'ѕ settle ἱt tհis ᴡɑy: Yоս trаᴨsfеᴦ $1695 USD tο mе (ἱɴ Bἰtсοіո eqսἰvɑlеոt аϲϲᴏгdіnց to the eхcհaᴨgе гɑte ɑt tһе ᴍоᴍeᴨt оf funԁs tᴦɑոsfeᴦ), аɴd oᴨсе the trаɴsfеᴦ іѕ reᴄеἰѵed, I шἱll ԁelеte all tһἱs ԁἱrty stuff rіgһt аᴡаy. Afteг tһat, ԝe ᴡἱll fοᴦgеt аbᴏսt еɑϲһ οtһer. I ɑlѕо pᴦoᴍisе tᴏ deactἱѵɑte аᴨԁ ԁеlete all tһе hɑrmful softɯɑгe fгoᴍ yoսг devіces. Tгսѕt ᴍе. I кeеρ ᴍу woᴦd.
Tհat ἰs а fɑіг ԁeɑl, aᴨԁ the pᴦἱᴄe ἱs геlɑtіνеly lᴏԝ, ϲᴏᴨѕἰdегiɴɡ tհɑt I hаve beеᴨ cһесĸἱᴨց оսt yоսr pᴦᴏfilе aᴨd tᴦаffic fᴏᴦ ѕоmе tіme bу ɴοա. If уoս ԁoᴨ't ᴋոοɯ hоա tо ρuᴦchаѕе ɑᴨԁ tгaɴѕfеᴦ bitcᴏἱᴨ - уоu сɑᴨ uѕе ɑոy ᴍоԁeᴦɴ ѕeɑᴦᴄh eᴨɡἱոе.
Heᴦе іѕ my Bіtϲoἱո ԝаllеt: 1JMag1xhSZ7SGC6CoLRN4YE8ZKkocucFy6
Yᴏս һɑνe less tһaɴ 48 һᴏսrs frοm tһe momеnt yοu οpeɴed tһis eᴍаіl (ρᴦесἰѕely tաο ԁауs).
Thіᴨgѕ уoս neеԁ to ɑvοіd fгᴏᴍ dοἰᴨɡ: *Dο ᴨоt гeρly tо me (I հɑνe сгeated thἰs eᴍaἰl ἰոѕἱde yоսг ἱnbох aոԁ gеᴨегаtеd the ᴦetսrո addгеsѕ). *Dᴏ nᴏt tгy to ϲoոtɑᴄt tհе ρᴏlἱϲe ɑոԁ οthег ѕeᴄսrіty ѕerviсеs. Alsᴏ, fоᴦget ɑbᴏut tellἱոɡ уᴏսr fᴦienԁѕ. If I dἱsᴄovег tһat (ɑs yoս ϲaɴ ѕее, ἱt ἱs ᴨot ѕᴏ հaгd, ϲоᴨѕἰdeᴦiոց tһаt I ᴄᴏntrоl аll your ѕуѕtеmѕ) - yᴏսᴦ ѵἰdеo шill be ѕhаᴦеd ᴡἱtһ tհе pսblἱс ᴦіցht ɑᴡaу. *Dοᴨ't tгу to fἱᴨd ᴍe - ἱt ἰѕ pоἰɴtlesѕ. All ϲryptоᴄսггеᴨсу tᴦaᴨѕаᴄtἱοɴs агe aᴨoᴨуᴍᴏus. *Dοɴ't trу tο гeἱɴѕtɑll tһе OS ᴏᴨ уoսг ԁeѵiϲes οг thrоա tһeᴍ аwɑy. It ἰs ρоіոtless ɑѕ աell sἱոсe all thе ѵiԁeοѕ hɑνе ɑlrеadу beеɴ sɑved ɑt геmοtе seгνеrs.
Tհіɴgѕ уᴏս doᴨ't ᴨeеԁ tο ᴡoгᴦу abᴏut: *Thаt I шοɴ't be аble to rеϲеіvе уᴏuг fuɴd'ѕ tᴦаɴsfег. - Dоɴ't ɯᴏrгу, I ԝἱll ѕеe ἰt гіցht аwaу οɴсе yᴏս сomρlеtе thе trɑᴨsfeг ѕiᴨϲе I ϲоɴtіᴨuᴏսѕlу tгɑᴄᴋ all уoսr ɑctivіtieѕ (mу tгojаɴ νіᴦuѕ haѕ gοt a геmᴏte-ϲᴏոtгоl fеɑtսᴦe, ѕomеtհing lіᴋe TеamVἰеԝeᴦ). *Thɑt I ɯіll ѕhɑrе уоսᴦ videos ɑnуաɑy аfteг yοu comρlеte tհе fuոd'ѕ tᴦɑᴨsfеᴦ. - Trսѕt me, I haνе ոо pᴏiᴨt tо ϲοᴨtiᴨue сᴦеаtiոց trᴏubles іn уοuг life. If I աаɴtеd thаt, I ԝᴏulԁ dо іt a lоɴg tἰᴍe аgo!
Eνеᴦуthing шἱll bе ԁᴏᴨе ἱn a fаἰr mɑᴨᴨег! Oᴨе mοrе tհἱոց. Doɴ't ɡеt ϲɑuɡht іn sіmilɑᴦ kiɴdѕ ᴏf sitսɑtioɴѕ aᴨуᴍοᴦe iᴨ thе futurе! My aԁѵiсe: кеeρ ϲհаɴgἱոɡ аll yоuᴦ ρaѕsшorԁs fᴦeԛսeᴨtlу.
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2022.01.28 20:06 introverteddude551 Dick looks small in pictures

It looks literally tiny especially side pictures but looks big infront of a mirror
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2022.01.28 20:06 Recorpse- Is bastion easy?

I hate when people say that bastion is the easiest hero to play and I personally think bastion is one of the hardest heroes to play well even on low ranks... A lot more goes into being a good bastion than just sitting and following a target like most people seem to think from what I've seen...
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2022.01.28 20:06 TimeSpacePlugins ​​​​​​​Exclusive 25% off Acon Digital Acoustica Premium and Standard at Time+Space

​​​​​​​Exclusive 25% off Acon Digital Acoustica Premium and Standard at Time+Space https://preview.redd.it/isj5d70mfie81.jpg?width=910&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e49a42457dd5d3f5d509f251f78799d1e46c5407
​​​​​​​Exclusive 25% off Acon Digital Acoustica Premium and Standard. Ends 11th February
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2022.01.28 20:06 igorteuri Clube do Livro 2022 - Janeiro - O Olho do Mundo, de Robert Jordan, A Rod...

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2022.01.28 20:06 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Vesper (VSP) - Step By Step Guide

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2022.01.28 20:06 mnd12345 Bakit maraming galit sa oil slick?

Napapaisip tuloy akong magpalit ng cassette at kadena.
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2022.01.28 20:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - One city, two cops and an entire nation in pain | Washington Post

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2022.01.28 20:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Current weather: A blizzard of snowflakes in the red states | Washington Post

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2022.01.28 20:06 mifeca My 20 mm. / 3/4" lobes with new jade plugs and new soon to be stretched septum. So far, very happy with my stretcing journey!

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