About Pipe Only Challenge

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2022.01.28 20:23 Silver7200 About Pipe Only Challenge

Ever since I've done the Level 1 challenge I've been considering doing a Pipe Only Run (gifts allowed except for magic attack), but playing on a new character felt/feels so boring to me that I'm wondering, is Pipe Only also worth it and/or challenging on max difficulty or is the challenged made too easy compared to a regular NG Challenge?
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2022.01.28 20:23 MaJebeMeSe Koju stranicu koristite za virtaulni broj mobitela?

Treba mi neki privremeni virtualni broj mobitela da izvedem neku shemu s registracijom drugog accounta ali sve te starnice izgledaju pomalo shady pa me zanima ako je netko koristio takvu stranicu (idealno besplatnu ali ako i kosta nesto malo nije bitno) da idem na provjereno (ne ono na novoj tv)
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2022.01.28 20:23 Admirable_Pangolin10 2 K9 and half of a y20 football got to eat the peach one

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2022.01.28 20:23 00752904mot Looking for a swimming coach on the North Shore to get me ready for my triathlons

I'm looking for an experienced swimming instructor to help me train for my triathlons. The triathlons are throughout the Summer but I'm looking to get started with a number of sessions in the next few weeks then taper off and perhaps developing into more "maintenance/check-up" sessions in the long-term. I can swim well enough to complete a race, but I have never really practiced swimming for sport/time so I have a relatively slow pace and poor form. The races will mostly be indoor swimming but a couple will be open water. I have a busy schedule and don't have time to commute over the bridges so it has to be in West or North Van, only please!
P.S. I am a new grad so I don't have very deep pockets right now so unfortunately I can't splurge on this, but I do completely understand there will be an appropriate cost to this, regardless.
Let me know who you recommend or where a good place is to start looking. Much appreciated
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2022.01.28 20:23 ReallyBadBacon Pablo, today is another day you didn't apologize or explain

I broke my foot crying.
I used to come here every day.
Letter after letter.
Some of them thousands of words.
I don't know how long the letters were.
Sometimes I would spend as much as half an hour writing them.
Always in tears.
I did this, you motherfucker, for
I begged and begged and begged for you to explain yourself.
What the fuck were you doing in there?
What is up with your consistently inauthentic behavior?
An apology.
Can't even go to your motherfucking "bodega", buy a card, and put it in the mail.
You have money to throw around in front of your friends.
Including trips abroad.
But you don't have money to buy a card, write a letter and send it.
I have your address, motherfucker.
I got you a Christmas present.
It was a necktie with the Colombian flag on it.
It cost $30 on Zazzle.
I couldn't afford it, either.
The card inside said,
"This is how you communicate with someone."
The tie is still in its package on my coffee table, addressed to you.
Should I send it or should I keep it?
Apparently, you are a "sacred cow" and I am garbage.
You know I am not going to make the furst move here.
Yeah, well motherFUCK you.
What sort of monster are you that you think you are wirth three years of your silence and your endless provocations.
Always saying
heart-murdering garbage
Making promises.
Another Hollywood murderer is what you are.
MotherFUCK you.
That you think ANY woman in the universe would drop anything she was doing,
And put up with your
Being strung along for three years.
You are a heart-murdering monster.
And let's face it.
You don't ever intend to have anything to say to me ever.
Just more gaslighting bullshit like
"Get some"
"I Feel This"
As if Twitter is the appropriate place to "telegraph" something that you want to say.
You wanted to make sexial suggestions and come ons.
And you used your fucking Twitter to do it.
No woman waits for a man for three years.
No wonder you're so lonely.
I mean, my god man.
What. Is. A. Telephone.
In the normal fucking universe, where people are not utterly incompetent at communication and relationships,
People call each other on the phone.
Motherfuck YOU.
Motherfuck you forever.
You are hapless at relationships because.
1) You don't know how to have conversations with women.
2) You are repressed chickenshit garbage
What is really distressing is how your mother was a published writer, and so many white people think you have any class at all.
Are all east coast rich people like this?
Spolied rotten, yet have no insight and cannot articulate anything worth a damn?
Clearly you had something to say
You tongue-tied bashful chickenshit little bitch man.
Is this a regular problem with you?
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2022.01.28 20:23 AdElectronic6634 😴Fuzzy Mic Tingles ASMR 😴 [Intentional]

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2022.01.28 20:23 100110000 I dropped my DS5 and they’re out of stock, if I buy a DS4 can it be used?

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2022.01.28 20:23 ghostantin Giveaway 1000 Chess NFTs

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2022.01.28 20:23 JokerGay Updating drivers

Hey I recently just purchased a new laptops and I got my drivers updated by a friend of mine but he has moved so I am on my own for the future. I saw a post saying to update the drivers I need an additional device and a hard drive to update my drivers. I do not have either and I don’t k ow if I should keep this laptop if I am going to need to buy additional items to update my drivers so my question is can I update my drivers later on with the laptop and nothing else?
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2022.01.28 20:23 picklesarelife1 Older generation: Does time ever start to slow down? If so, when?

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2022.01.28 20:23 wahidazal66 Return (rijꜤat)

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2022.01.28 20:23 UncleJoshhh Super Basic Question about Diatonic Scales/half notes

Hey everyone. Super new to learning theory I’ve been trying to teach myself recently. I just came across the concept of diatonic scales. Correct me if I’m wrong but to my limited understanding so far, a diatonic scale is a heptatonic scale, containing 5 whole notes and 2 half notes, with the two half notes being separated by a 2 or 3 whole steps, depending on position in scale.
My first question is what is a half note? When I looked it up it says it’s a note played for half the duration of a full note/twice duration of a quarter note, but I don’t see how that relates when talking about scales so I think I’m misinterpreting.
My second question is when/how do you determine whether the half notes are separated by 2 vs. 3 whole steps
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2022.01.28 20:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - What price zero Covid? We need to know the cost to Hong Kong | South China Morning Post

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2022.01.28 20:23 F001i0 Little Man was not Taking It

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2022.01.28 20:23 n0ahbody "We need to focus our efforts on suppressing China but we can't because of this damn Ukraine crisis! Can you help out... China?"

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2022.01.28 20:23 Philliesfan94 Ma1 adapter connected but not showing on car screen

Anyone using the new MA1 wireless AA adapter have an issue to where the light is flashing green and on your phone it says that it's connected but your vehicles radio isn't showing that Android auto odds connected? Not sure if this is a radio issue or adapter issue
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2022.01.28 20:23 TomJenkins2727 Teat

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2022.01.28 20:23 ocolly Traveling call: Notoa homesick for Australia

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2022.01.28 20:23 km_craig007 Is farcry 6 worth the price?

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2022.01.28 20:23 NowFook The insane impact Giroux has on the Flyers when on the ice vs when off the ice

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2022.01.28 20:23 Scaymmm How can you not see it but it exists?

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2022.01.28 20:23 Mimickeyou [USA-CA] [H] Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Shield, Trials of Mana, Trials of Cold Steel III [W] PayPal

Pokémon BD - $40shipped Pokémon Shield - $35shipped Trials of Mana - $20shipped Trials of Cold Steel III - $35shipped
Willing to bundle.
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2022.01.28 20:23 soggyrolls Island Newbie

Hi all, i’m fairly new to the game so any extras u have would be cool like modern or cute furnitures, diy recipes and bells would be appreciated. Code is 0534J
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2022.01.28 20:23 Relative-Sky8958 Μπορω να κοιμηθω καπου/μεσα στο Ελ Βενιζελος;

Οι πτησεις μου εχουν διαφορα 8 ωρων, και θα ναι βραδυ. Πως τι βγαζω;
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2022.01.28 20:23 Cop-To-Be I'm trying to find if someone who goes to my church has Reddit. Comment if your name is Jacob.

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