If Jesse never found the FBC and started a new walk of life

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2022.01.28 19:49 ASTRNAUT_Watney If Jesse never found the FBC and started a new walk of life

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2022.01.28 19:49 dashingjumperAA Can someone look over this apology letter to an ex boyfriend? 5-7 min read, ZERO intent of getting back with him. Just about putting things right the best I can. I am in AA and sponsor is reviewing this, too. But I would like feedback from any tradition or non-tradition of recovery.

First, if you decide to help me with this, thank you. I'm open to anything from anyone at any stage in recovery, but I would like most to know: do good intentions come through? Am I being selfish or am I focused on his feelings? Or the right mix of in-between? Will this do harm?
Little context: I (28F) dated this guy (38M) for approx 3 years. Broke up about 3.5 years ago, have both been in new and happier relationships (at least mine is, and his seems so from FB) for about 3 years now. We don't talk. Nasty breakup. I feel bad about a lot of stuff, and that's what this is about. Getting that off my chest and maybe making things a little bit more right between us, or at least offering him some... idk... relief? Closure? I probably also just don't want to look like as much of an asshole as I am to this person for the rest of my life, honestly. But like I said, not at all looking to repair or get back with this guy.
I do discuss trauma in this, albeit vaguely.
Also relevant to add: I am an alcoholic in recovery/program with 500 some days. He was a slightly better functioning self-admitted alcoholic without intent of quitting for the duration of our relationship. I have no idea about his current drinking status. But if I were to guess I'd say he still drinks heavily with occasional attempts to moderate as during our relationship, because at the time of our breakup he scorned AA and anything to do with sobriety and swore up and down that life was not worth living without booze.
Without further ado:
Hey. Something came up for me and I wanted to share it with you. I don't know exactly what I'm doing here, but I'll just try to cut to the chase.
I was down in Showshoe WV this week skiing with my parents. And while I was having fun, there was just this yucky, dark, sad feeling hanging over me the whole time. Sort of like shame. And then I remembered the last time I was down there with you, and how outrageously drunk I got to the point you had to basically drag me off the mountain night skiing...
God damn. That was a gut punch. I don't know if I'd repressed it, or just never examined it with more... current eyes. I thought about how I'd endangered myself and others out there, how I'd ruined our trip. How I'd done that time and time again to you, my parents, myself. So many times.
I am truly, truly sorry. That's what I want to say to you. I've been sober and working a program for the past 14 months or so and I'm past the step where we make amends to those we've wronged in our drinking. There's this clause about "except when to do so would injure them or others." Convenient little one there. I was keeping you safely on my "do no harm" list. But now I'm not so sure if that was about protecting you or me. And I can be self protective to a fault, as you know. So I'm saying this to you now and I just hope you take my intentions as being good because I'm about as sure as I ever am that they are.
I want to apologize for everything, all the damage I did and the pain I caused. I'm not admitting full culpability for everything that wasn't right between us. But for my part I am truly sorry.
The closest I can come to explaining the way I acted is to say that I was living in my own secret world. I didn't trust anyone with an ounce of my internal "stuff." I didn't seem to remember that it was possible to do so. From the age of 12 I started shutting off a huge part of my world and story from everyone. Every year it snowballed. I was listening to a song today on the drive with the lyric "I'm only as sick as my secrets." Well, I was fucking sick. I didn't understand honesty or openness, all I understood was self-preservation and cycles of self-medicate/explode, self-medicate/explode. I know from the outside this just looked like a lot of lying and irrational, self-destructive behavior. It was.
But it was, I really think, the only thing I knew how to do. I was in a constant state of fear, distrust, and hypervigilance. And after so much of that, things just don't feel real anymore. That's the really really hard thing to explain. You just can't feel on alert and scared all the time, your brain starts to shut down somehow. Sometimes it really felt like I was walking around in some big padded suit and nothing could touch me, or like I was moving at half speed and everyone else was 1:1. It was so hard I was focused on just seeming "normal" a lot of the time.
It was so, so hard to start to break out of that. I say start because I'm still not all the way out yet. I still have to fight the urge daily to start veering off into what I call my "mole hole" of secrecy and it honestly sucks a lot of the time, but it sucks less than drinking. I think a lot of what you said about "going to war with yourself in defense of your better self."
I also want to say thank you, in addition to my apology, because I really do think you helped me through some of that. You were caring and fun and obviously absurdly loyal and you did make me start to see some worth in myself. It just was going to take a lot more work to get me to where I needed to be, and I wasn't ready for that. I won't say sadly, because I think we both ended up getting someplace better for ourselves. At least I have, and I hope and believe that's the case for you and I pray for it every day. Sorry if that's weird. But I'm not going to stop.
NYWAY. I'm gonna wrap this up here. I said what I needed off my chest and that helped me at least. I do hope you get something out of it, too, but that's a little hard to predict. At least I hope it does no harm.
Peace, Gwynn
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2022.01.28 19:49 c4nchyscksforlife What's a geographical fact that surprised you?

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2022.01.28 19:49 Siriusly_Jonie "Dinglebutt" River City Girls Ep 9. Kyoko takes on Noize!

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2022.01.28 19:49 futurewolf33 My life depends on a relationship not being stressful and my partner of 5 years triggers my PTSD.

I have been dating a guy for about 5 years, we have tons in common, we want the same lifestyle, we have a lot of inside jokes, we are both talented and look up to each other's skill. We have had a lot of fun times. But, I have been going to therapy for depression and ptsd. Imho he has a short temper and he is angry with me several times a day. I know he is hard on himself, he does elite sports that most people can't do, so he cuts a lot of emotional b.s. in order to achieve great things, but the anger has triggered my PTSD and several times a day, I am having to calm myself down from him getting very short with me over cleaning (I feel is justified, but it hurts), my parking abilities (ok sometimes they are lacking🥴😳🤣), my finances ( Not great, tbh, my medical condition main symptom is fatigue,I'm self employed, and I'm really challenging myself to be realistic with my budget and energy. I have since set a budget and am pursuing a less stressful line of work, I want to be a good partner, but I have struggled in my allergy season that sends me into anaphylaxis symptoms that cause me to take allergy meds that have me dragging my butt), and he has complained about a recent weight gain (something I'm being medically advised on due to a thyroid condition agitated by my allergies and stress, I've gained 70 lbs since we started dating.) So, you can see these complaints aren't exactly invalid, but it really hurts the way he has gone about letting me.know very bluntly. I have to decide if I want to sign a lease and continue my current relationship or not. I REALLY think he needs therapy to learn how to not criticize me so harshly about my shortcomings( for example he said I was "ruining his life" then took it back and said I get mad at him when he's expressing his feelings because I said I wasn't responsible for his whole life, but acknowledged how I've negatively affected him. He has said he would consider couples therapy, but not individual, but I have been told by my therapist he would benefit from individual therapy, as well. My therapist says he won't change and I can't force him and I know she's right, but I want her to be wrong. I think his short anger is an issue, or his tendency to bottle things up and explode. He says he thinks how I perceive him is the issue, like his intent is different, but what I hear is not his intent due to accent or something. I think if he would just deal with his childhood and his emotional management, he would be the total package and I'm willing to support him through therapy like he has been helping me with my finances when I have trouble (I pay him back as quickly as I can), but idk how much longer I can take the anger several times per day (high stress agitates my medical condition and I just got labs that say it's getting worse.) I feel like I'm trying my best, but it's not good enough and he has explained he feels the same way. 😩🥴 He seems to want to make changes, but is kind of fumbling around doing other things besides going to therapy, he says he doesn't have time due to how irresponsible I am. I told him I won't buy it because it's only an hour and he has health insurance. 😳 Is it possible that couples therapy will help us out or should I bail while I am still somewhat healthy enough to do for myself because I am afraid of things getting worse with my health than they are? 😩😬
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2022.01.28 19:49 Brawx10 How should i start off?

As i feel horrible with myself and I want to move on from everything I looked at, I realized that PMO is taking control over my life and now I want to start a new leaf. can anyone give me some things I should check out to stop me from relapsing, or some words of advice to help me hold myself back?
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2022.01.28 19:49 AdFew9178 Suche Dropbox anbraten mit Teens und gratis wenn jemand einen gibt dm

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2022.01.28 19:49 patusito Those who believe in physical ownership understand Mathematics

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2022.01.28 19:49 Lumaslily This is confusing

Forgive me if this is confusing buuut….
I don’t know if this is intentional or not but Yang Xiao Long and Lie Ren are Chinese names, but Chinese names have the last name go first unlike western names where it is reversed. However, everyone in the show calls Yang by her first name while everyone calls Lie by his last name.
Did the writers forget for 8 volumes that Ren is his last name or is that the character’s preference?
Then there is Yatsuhashi Daichi who has a traditional Japanese name in the correct order. Team CFVY and JNPR use the last name in their team acronym but RWBY doesn’t.
I can give Yang a pass since she wasn’t born in Minstral, but why are the Chinese and Japanese names so inconsistent?
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2022.01.28 19:49 AdSignal548 Did some coding, used the bscscan api to track MetaPets holders to detect if there is something fishy going

Did some coding, used the bscscan api to track MetaPets holders to detect if there is something fishy going There is several people claiming MetaPets is a scam and that they are using wallets to slowly withdraw token
Im monitoring balances from the top holders and also some other wallets
Here are my results
I dont see anyone selling their tokens, there are some small positive changes but this is to to reflection
Ill continue monitoring but everything seems fine
Obviously im not tracking all 100,000 holders since there is a limit for API calls I can do.
Currently Im working on tracking the actual MetaPets contract , cause that will obviously give me the transactions, Im still new to all this crypto stuff so Im still ignorant about a few aspects.
If anyone has an idea on what to look for, please let me know
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2022.01.28 19:49 Fresh-Buy4085 i see tank taking streaming to different levels LOL

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2022.01.28 19:49 unapollogxtically Relentless Mary Kay Lady

Context: I'm in my early 20s and have never heard of Mary Kay before.
While waiting for a ride at the airport, a lady started a conversation with my friend and I. Turned out she's from our hometown. She didn't try to sell us anything for 20 mins, we talked about food and businesses from our hometown. I was under the impression that she ran a small business. We wanted to support her because our hometown is a low-income area. It's hard to start anything. She mentioned a free facial and asked for my number. I just gave her my number because I was so tired, I was ready to go. I knew I won't be following through with it because I hate people touching my face but would be open to check out her other services. But then she handed me a Mary Kay sample and I looked it up to find out it's literally a half ass cult 😮‍💨
It's been 3 months and I've blocked so many numbers from her. She won't stop and kept mentioning the sample I didn't even use. It makes me uncomfortable, but I don't want to call her out because I know she's just trying to make a living. Should I keep blocking all the new numbers she keep texting me with or should I just make up a lie?
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2022.01.28 19:49 Worth-Walrus-4298 Anyone else dealing with puppy not pooping cuz they’re too distracted by the snow?

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2022.01.28 19:49 jonmpls And they're both assholes

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2022.01.28 19:49 frakramsey 10 king road

Did anyone notice in the episode of this time when he goes to prison a graphic appears to illustrate a way of organising kitchen utensils. The address of the house is 10 king road.
Go check !
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2022.01.28 19:49 Hopeful1234554321 Welp……….that didn’t take long. Guess she shouldn’t have given up that peach quite so quickly…..👀👀

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2022.01.28 19:49 honeymoow [USA-MA] [H] BNIB MSI Gaming Trio RTX 3070 TI [W] Local Cash

Local to 02138. Have a BNIB MSI Gaming Trio RTX 3070 TI. Want to exchange $1,200 in-person w/ cash. Comment before PM'ing.
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2022.01.28 19:49 selimhouser IWFTR

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2022.01.28 19:49 Mershu GRU Garbage Wasteland ! Picture does not do justice showing the amount of garbage, furniture, crap on their unsecured property.

GRU Garbage Wasteland ! Picture does not do justice showing the amount of garbage, furniture, crap on their unsecured property. Gave a ride to a church friend who lives behind the Home Depot area and discovered GRU's garbage dump. I couldn't take the best photo because I didn't walk in far enough in -- it gets much worse the further in you go. However, there is furniture, tires, house parts, etc. I was told the neighbors complain constantly about this unsecured property and the garbage but GRU has done absolutely nothing. Just because this is a lower income area, how is this allowed?

GRU's Property

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2022.01.28 19:49 Blazewalker452 I'm rather new to yugioh. I haven't bought a pack or played in 15yrs. I'm a regular EDH player. Could I get some comments/advice on my decks I've been working with? I'm at gold 4 and I'm starting to feel some competition against my blue eyes

I'm rather new to yugioh. I haven't bought a pack or played in 15yrs. I'm a regular EDH player. Could I get some comments/advice on my decks I've been working with? I'm at gold 4 and I'm starting to feel some competition against my blue eyes submitted by Blazewalker452 to masterduel [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 19:49 Quick_Frosting_635 [ps4]H:V/E/fms lazer + AA/E/250 fixer + B/25/15 Tesla w:B/E gat plas

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